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As a pet parent seeking an immersive pet care experience for Sammy, his new COVID-era roommate, our founder, Prem Sharma, had a wag-the-dog moment. The same conveniences he had carefully developed for several consumer healthcare initiatives were absent in the vetcare space.

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Pet peeve.

As Prem eased into the care cadence his new pup required and worked through the learning curve as a first-time pet parent, Prem mused about a better way. Then sketched it. Then white boarded it. Then rallied former team members around a new-big idea.

Pet project.

As pet owners, who were also experts in out-of-clinic healthcare experiences, the outlines of the Petari opportunity quickly gelled. Digital pet healthcare posed quirky new challenges. Startup catnip. Before long, a next-generation vetcare experience had followed them all home and they decided to keep it.

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The Petari vision for what's next — and what comes after what comes next — is an adventure that will unfold throughout 2023. First in the Cambridge area, where much of the team first became fast friends, and then beyond. It is a co-creation journey for you and yours. We hope you'll join us.

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